Example Newsletter #2

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MORE FAMILY HOUSES NEEDED IN HAITI Have you ever imagined life without a shelter? When evening draws near in a cold winters night and you have no place to lay your head? Coming back from Haiti in July, 2016, after a week’s visit to mark the 10th Anniversary of Daughters of Divine Love mission in Haiti and other developments. It was a sorry sight to see families been drenched as rain fall on the shacks they live. These shacks house families of fours, fives and sixes, even seven. While some children ran to seek for corners in the shacks for protection, some ran outside to enjoy the full pouring of the rain on their bodies. Parents struggle to cover and protect their belongings. As some seem resigned to their fate, some sigh with longing to the merciful God. “Buon dien promptie de nos” were the constant yearnings and utterances as the sisters bore witness.